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Why VR Upholstery?

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Why VR Upholstery?

You can find the extraordinary design and best combinations that no other company can give.

The expertise of craftsmanship for the past 20 years.

It is our leading goal to outline new design, to build new colours, to understand the details of fitting.

Our first priority is, what is the customer’s choice, what is his attitude towards his vehicle, what he wants from VR .

It’s our aim to take care of the customer’s choice, communicate on every like and dislike, and live up to everything we’ve said.

We continue to take steps in line with the latest trends of the market.

The most important is our list of Quality and control, which our company considers to a very serious issue.

If there is a problem in any of our product, we work on a that to give a quick solution to satisfy the proud customer.

About 7000 seat covers served in the last 23 months, hopping that 10,000 pure organic will be ready in the coming 3 months.

According to our customer’s word, “every pattern/design, colours and fitment shown by us is no less than the interior of an international vehicle”.

We’re not just Perfect Fit, We fill gaps with potential.